Welcome to the Nexuiz Ninjaz Map Repository


This website is here to provide you with the collection of maps created by the community. It was put up by -z-, evolved with the help of mkzelda and is currently maintained by Dokujisan. If you have any questions or would like to contact any of the ninjaz, please utilize the pm system on our forums. THIS IS A MAINTANENCE RELEASE!!!. This is not the new map repo but the old one was far to crappy to let continue. This one is at least sortable. The new one is still in the works.

What do I do with these?

To play these maps, just drop them in your Nexuiz data directory. Nexuiz\data on windows, ~/.nexuiz/data on Linux or OSX.

This sucks, can't I just download them all at once?

If you're using Mozilla Firefox, you can download the extension called DownThemAll!

These are cool, how can I make one?

Nexuiz maps are created with NetRadiant (1.5 is the latest). If you aren't familiar with the program, check out the [How-to] Making Your First Nexuiz Map thread in the forums.